About us

We Are Reputated Company Since 2003

PureVoice Communications was created in 2003 with the idea of providing VoIP solutions like Ventrilo, Mumble and Teamspeak.
From 2022 PureVoice Communications is an established telecommunications company after being acquired by Ecliptic Solutions Ltd. Since then we have been expanding into bigger and better fields with our partners who make it all possible. Doing good by our customers is our goal and we shall continue to do it.

Our Amazing Partners

Meet our partners who work with us to provide different services and ensure your experience is the best it can be whilst being with us at PureVoice Communications.

Our Brilliant Team

Take a look at our team, these people allow the company to flow fluently and work together to ensure your services are the best they can be.

Joshua Nesbitt

Founder & Executive Director

Taylor Gibbs

Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Armstrong

Chief Operations Officer

Rowan Scott

Chief Operations Officer

Shane Waudby

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Hallinan

Operations Admin

Adam Marks

Business Manager

Brent Teunissen

Lead Programmer

Lucas Wacera

Support Manager

Derrick Mwesigwa

Marketing Manager

Maria Ahumada

Sales Manager

Benjamin Chi

Support Agent

Jack Palma

Support Agent

Benjamin Clowes

Support Agent

Mohit Gurnani

Marketing Assistant